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Über uns

Wir nehmen unseren Slogan sehr ernst und für die letzten 30  Jahre als Natursteinexperten  haben sich verpflichtet, daran zu arbeiten  unsere kunden projekte zu bekommen  die richtige Lösung.
Wir sind  eine weltweit  Netzwerk von Fachleuten und Experten,
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Quarries and Productions

Quarries and Productions



Architects - Constructors

Architects - Constructors

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Markus W. Balke - Founder
over 30 years in natural stone business 

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Director and Founder of Balke & Partner network with currently more than 200 experts in stone business and associated fields established in August 2010.

Orator at World-Stone Congresses, international conventions and fairs.

Xiamen/China  - Middle East Big 5 Dubai/UAE - Verona/Italy and many more.

  • Member of  IMC Institute of Managements Consultants USA

  • Member of APC Association of Professional Consultants

  • Member of National Stone Association NSI



  • Initiator of start up natural stone production and distribution networks around the world.

          e.g.  www.luis-vincent .com, etc.

  • Expert in global international trading and master degree in business economics.

  • 25 years professional experiences in processing natural stones and worldwide sales.

  • Innovative and positive forward creative strategist in global project business, focused on natural stone production and trade.


Dr.- Ing James Varela

Expert Partner and
Regional director
South America and Lusophone countries 

Porto Alegre - RS, 90035-190, Brazil 

M +49 178 110 7591 



is an Expert (theory and practice) for mineral processing (physical and chemical processes), including crushing, screening, washing, grinding, gravimetric and magnetic separation, sorting, flotation, granulation and high temperature processes. 

More than 20 years of professional experience in Brazilian and German companies.
Professional with more than 20 years of experience in Research, Operations, Project Management, 
Strategic Planning and Sales in middle/large size multinational companies.

As project and sales manager for New Equipment/Industrial Plant Business/Service. 
Experienced professional for technical specification and consolidation with interdisciplinary teams, as well commercial execution. 
Material and production costs comparison, logistics solution, environment, legal and risk assessment, including the service aspects, especially for international turn-key projects (EPC Contracts).


Solid experience with strategic planning, quotation elaboration and contract execution at tkIS Business Unit Service (Spare parts, Revamps, Service Center and Field Services activities related with Mining, Mineral Processing and Cement Industry). 

Major Project realized at Latin America, USA, Canada, Germany. Highly motivated and commitment to achieve results/solutions. 

Multicultural thinking, flexible, excellent communication skills and team player. Ability to connect persons. Interested at Sport, Travel, Food.

He speaks German, English, Spanish on C1 Expert language skills level and Portuguese Native.
Doctor degree: Calcination of Limestone  

As an native Brazilian and spanish speaking, he will focus on South America and all Lusophone countries.

IMG_5402 copy.jpeg

Eduardo M. Zavala 

Expert Partner and
Regional director  

Mexico and Hispanic countries
South America 

Mexico City 

P +52 998 370 3101


Eduardo M. Zavala has graduated in Business Administration from the prestigious National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). His path in life has taken him on an exciting journey, full of learning and personal growth.


Since his first steps in the academic world, he has dedicated myself to the study and practice of topics related to Sales and Marketing. His studies abroad broadened my perspective and allowed me to gain valuable skills and knowledge that he have applied throughout his career.


But what he is really passionate about is inspiring and motivating others to reach their full potential. Over the years,he has become one of the most recognized speakers and trainers in Productivity and Personal Improvement in Mexico. His mission is to transform salespeople into advisors, help entrepreneurs achieve their goals, and train sales professionals and business leaders.


His books, "SI SE PUEDE" and "RELÁCIONATE Y VENDE", published by SELECTOR®, have become Best Sellers, with more than 150,000 copies sold. These works have served as inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people, guiding them towards the path of success and personal fulfillment.


Through nationwide workshops, seminars, and training programs, he has had the privilege of sharing hisknowledge and experiences with a diverse audience. His approach is to personalize the "Relate and Sell" model in each product and service that is promoted, which allows to sell everything! I have also founded a movement dedicated to empowering those who want to counsel their clients effectively.


In short, his life and career have been focused on personal and professional growth, and helping others achieve their goals and dreams. He hopes that his life story and his passion for personal improvement inspire, to achieve goals and believe in the power of "Yes, we can."


His motivation to join Balke & Partner network:

Eduardo was part of the founding group of the Century 21 Real Estate Network in Mexico and since then he has considered real estate as the most accurate investment we can make. When he received the proposal from Markus Balke to be part of the international team of Balke and Partners, he considered it as the great opportunity to be part of a select team of brilliant minds, now around the natural stone industry, which throughout over the centuries it has transformed into one of the options with the greatest investment potential available to visionaries since with quarries and mines, it is enhanced by what the earth produces: MINERALS, support for any transaction that generates wealth.

joseph sam_edited.jpg

Josef Sam  

Expert Partner und Regionaldirektor   

Süden und  Ost  Asien 

Anchal Plaza, Einheit Nr. 205, Grundstück Nr. 2, 

Sektor B, Tasche 7, Vasant Kunj

Neu-Delhi  110070  INDIEN

Tel. +91 98103 19111


I.Joseph Sam ist ein facettenreicher Managementexperte mit gewachsenen unternehmerischen Fähigkeiten, vorbildlicher Vertrautheit mit internationalen Geschäftspraktiken und vielfältiger Branchenerfahrung.


Er hat Unternehmen mit globaler Ausrichtung seit ihrer Inkubationsphase aufgebaut und baut sie weiter auf und hat aktiv Aktivitäten in den Bereichen Geschäftsplanung, Einführung, Finanzierung, Umstrukturierung und Neupositionierung von Unternehmen, Markenaufbau, Investor Relations sowie globale Allianzen und Partnerschaften geleitet.

In den letzten 2 Jahrzehnten hatte er umfangreiche Erfahrungen und nahm an Führungs-, operativen, beratenden und strategischen Rollen teil. Seine Branchenerfahrung umfasst Bergbau, Baumaterialien, Konsumgüter und Dienstleistungen sowie Fertigung. Seine führende Expertise hat sich vom General Management zu strategischen Initiativen, Finanz- und Investitionsmanagement und Geschäftsentwicklung entwickelt.  


Er ist ein qualifizierter Corporate Director des Institute of Directors, ein Produktionsingenieur und ein Postgraduierter in Marketingmanagement.

Er hat auch eine Advanced Certification in Investment Law & Institutional Finance , ist Certified in Business Valuation , ein Certified Negotiator, Certified in Change Management und Certified in Entrepreneurship.


Er hat auch ein Diplom in Werbung & PR . Derzeit ist er außerdem Mitglied des Managementteams einer der größten Natursteinbruchgruppen Indiens  Er ist auch Berater eines schnell wachsenden Agrarunternehmens und berät verschiedene Landesregierungen zu neuen Industrieinitiativen. Er war in der Vergangenheit CEO verschiedener Unternehmen und leitete bis April 2018 eine niederländische Agro-Fonds-Initiative.


Als aktiver Sportler ist er auch Teil von Initiativen, die Slum- und Straßenkinder betreuen, und glaubt, dass niemand hungern oder dumm bleiben sollte.

Josef Sam:  

„Der Grund, warum ich mich Markus in seiner globalen Initiative zur Zusammenführung von Steinbrüchen für Investitionen und Verkauf angeschlossen habe, ist folgender

(1). seine fachliche Expertise & Vernetzung in diesem Bereich,

(2). seine Fähigkeit, sich die Monetarisierung natürlicher Ressourcen klug und kollaborativ vorzustellen und

(3). seine starken Geschäftspraktiken, die seine Werte, Vision und Integrität widerspiegeln.


Markus hat einen Raum mit dem Ziel betreten, sicherzustellen, dass die Zukunft der natürlichen Ressourcen durch kollaboratives Eingreifen gesichert ist, und gleichzeitig sicherzustellen, dass sich Investitionen in potenziell nachhaltig profitable Unternehmungen gegenseitig befruchten." 


Ajit Kumar

Finanzen & Geschäftsentwicklung


Expert Partner Ost- und Nordasien  

China, Hongkong,  Macau, Japan,

Mongolei, Nordkorea, Süd  Korea

und Taiwan

Hongkong 999077 - Central District 
Tel. +852 93270117


Ajit glaubt an das Zitat des griechischen Philosophen Heraklit „Die einzige Konstante im Leben ist die Veränderung“. Im Leben geht es darum, die Veränderung zu erfahren, sie zu lieben und zu leben.  


Kumar, Ajit hat ein sehr vielseitiges Talent im Bereich Corporate Finance und International Trade & Business, seine Einstellung und sein lösungsorientierter Ansatz machen ihn zu einer Führungspersönlichkeit mit Unterschied.  


Ajit hat intensiv in den Bereichen Forschungsanalyse, Unternehmensfinanzierung und Unternehmensbewertung gearbeitet. Er ist Experte für Unternehmensbewertung, hauptsächlich im Mineralien- und Bergbaugeschäft.  


Er ist sehr aktiv in Hong  Markt in Kong, China und Singapur seit 2012. Neben seiner Branchenerfahrung im Investmentbanking ist er seit 2015 als Direktor der indischen Gruppe in der Steinbruchindustrie tätig. Er trat der Gruppe bei, als die Gruppe noch sehr klein und in einem sehr jungen Stadium war. Ajit erstellte Finanzmodelle, um die Investoren zu gewinnen, schuf eine Unternehmensstruktur, um Investitionen aus strategischen Investitionen zusammen mit Finanzinvestitionen von Privatinvestoren zu erhalten, öffnete den Exportmarkt in China, Thailand & Taiwan . Ajit half seiner Gruppe, 12 Millionen USD zur Finanzierung des Steinbruchs aufzubringen.  


Neben seiner Tätigkeit als Expert Partner im Team von Balke & Partners ist Ajit derzeit als Berater an Bord mehrerer Steinbruchunternehmen. Ajit ist sehr aktiv in verschiedenen Wirtschaftskammern und Verbänden:

  • Die Assoziierten Industrie- und Handelskammern Indiens (ASSOCHAM)

  • Punjab Commerce & Management Association (PCMA)


Er ist ein qualifizierter Managementexperte mit 16 Jahren reichhaltiger Erfahrung in unterschiedlichen Umgebungen in Branchen, Organisationen, Kulturen, Rollen, Entscheidungskontexten und Ländern.  


Ajit hat einen Abschluss in Finanzmanagement (MBA) und ist Absolvent des Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM-C), Indiens führender Business School für Management.  


Er hat an mehreren führenden Business Schools gelehrt und Workshops im Studium der Wertpapieranalyse und des Portfoliomanagements sowie der Unternehmensbewertung durchgeführt.  


Ajit ist sehr sportbegeistert, er ist gut in Cricket, Schach und Tischtennis. Er spielt aktiv Tischtennis in der Kategorie der Veteranen auf nationaler Ebene.  


„Was ihn in diesem Geschäft besonders macht, ist seine scharfsinnige Fähigkeit, Steinbruchgeschichten in Zahlen zu verwandeln, die ohne Geschäft für sich sprechen können.“ 

hennig roger gravdal.jpg

Henning Roger Gravdal

Finanzen & Strategisches Management 

Geologe und Sachverständiger für Betontechnik und Aufbereitungstechnik  


Fachpartner u

Regionaldirektor  Skandinavien  

Norwegen, Dänemark, Schweden und Finnland 

3912 Porsgrunn / Oslo - Norwegen

Tel. +4795238877

Henning Roger Gravdal verfügt über 25 Jahre Erfahrung in der Geschäftsführung von multinationalen Unternehmen , die in den Bereichen Zement, Beton und Industriemineralien tätig sind, und wurde für ihn ausgewählt  verschiedene Positionen und Mandate in den letzten Jahren:

CEO für SMA Magnesia AS über 10 Jahre sowie Markt- und Produktionsverantwortung für  

SMA Mineral AB in Europa, das Joint Ventures mit Omya hatte und  Heidelberger Zement und Carmeuse.


Er ist ein internationaler Unternehmer mit einer besonderen Leidenschaft für Industriemineralien.

Er hat in den letzten Jahrzehnten mehrere große Mineral- und Industrieprojekte in Skandinavien, Westafrika und Westindien initiiert und durchgeführt.

Für die Heidelberg Cement AG hat er gerade ein COO-Mandat in einem abgeschlossen  Internationales Projekt in Ghana.


Nach Abschluss seines MBA in Finance & Strategic Management in Norwegen begann er für multinationale Unternehmen weltweit in den Bereichen Bergbau, Verarbeitung, Mineralien und natürliche Ressourcen zu arbeiten.  

Er hat einen Abschluss in Geologie und gilt als Experte für Betontechnologie und Mineralverarbeitung .


Mit Begeisterung schloss er sich dem Netzwerk der Steinexperten von Balke & Partner an

dieses Jahr und freuen uns darauf, sein Wissen und seine Erfahrung zu teilen

mit dem Team der «Stone Expert Alliance».


Henning lebt mit seiner Familie in der Nähe von Oslo in Norwegen.

Er ist begeisterter Snowboarder und Bergsteiger.

Sobald es die Zeit zulässt, soll er in ihrer Familie gefunden werden

Haus in den norwegischen Bergen mit seinem Hund Era,

der sich ihm auch auf dem Bild anschließt.

henning gravdal 2.jpg
FGrank de Haan Balke & Partner

Frank de Haan

Mining Engineer & MBA

Specialist in Building Materials with passion for natural stone.


Expert Partner and

Regional director Spain


Barcelona /Spain 

P +34 649 471 354

Frank de Haan is Dutch, but lives and works since over 30 years in Spain, or has been working for Spanish Groups in the world. He studied Mining and Petroleum Engineering in Delft, the Netherlands and completed his studies with an M.B.A. from IESE in Barcelona.


He started his career in the Roca Group (a Spanish – now – Multinational Group in the Building Materials – Bathroom – Industry), where he was responsible for several projects of internationalisation (U.K., Germany, China). He continued his career in the Levantina Group (at that moment the largest Company in Ornamental Stone Worldwide), first as International Director, then as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and finally as Executive Vice President responsible for North & South America.


In these last 10 years he has focussed his professional activities mainly as interim director, independent advisor and consultant in the brass fitting, tile and building materials distribution industry.


Since 2020 he is associated with Balke & Partner as Expert Partner for Spain.

Screenshot 2021-10-20 at


Expert Partner - Country Director United States of America 

New Hampshire - Eastern Time

P +1 802 238 9460 

Rockwell, Rocky Cleborne is a seasoned professional and entrepreneur having spent more than 40 years in the business world. Rocky spent more than 24 years in the automobile business ultimately running the 5th largest Honda dealership in the US. He retired from the automobile business but wanted to stay active and give back to fellow entrepreneurs as they embark upon their journey of owning their own business. Rocky has an extensive finance background is looking forward to helping quarry and mine owners realize the value of their assets. He has working relationships with mining and quarrying experts who will offer continual or temporary operation services for aggregates and dimension stone throughout the US for investors or currently permitted quarry owners. 

Rocky is passionate about inspiring and motivating fellow entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. He loves to coach and mentor others who have passion and a desire to succeed. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, financial analysis, acquisition strategies, and financial modeling. Rocky has helped many businesses raise capital through SBA financing and Private Equity. He will assist clients  in their search by  pre-qualify both potential investors and existing quarries. He will then help to secure financing  for our quarry projects in the US.

Rocky is an excellent communicator and knows that working as a team, everyone will achieve greater success. Ever since he lived in Barre Vermont, Rocky has been interested in dimensional stone for its beauty and broad ranging uses. Rocky loves all sports and is dedicated to his wife of more than 43 years, their three children and four (soon to be five) grandchildren.

image_pp new copy 2.png


Expert Partner worldwide - Gold and Silver Desposits - Mining Engineer

and Metallurgist

University of Guanajuato 1963-1967, 



Durango Mexico 

P +52 618 182 4761 



Professional experience


January 2021 to date

operational advisor for MGA Mining Contractor of Durango Dgo.

Adviser for several mining companies. 


March 2016 to date  

entrepreneur for a mining project in Pinos Zac 


January 2013-November 2015

Consultant for Compañía Minera Autlán and Baramin S.A. de C.V. 


April 2012-December 2012

Adviser for Nyrstar N.V. who acquired Farallon Mining Ltd. 


2004-March 2012

General Manager for Farallón Minera Mexicana S.A. de C.V. subsidiary company of Farallon Mining Ltd. In turn, part of the Hunter-Dickinson group of companies in Vancouver. Campo Morado mine with a 200 million usd investment a 2,500 tpd operation, underground mine, cut and fill and a flotation mill. Operating in a very 

complicated social environment, the company achieved full operation in three months and with 0 social problems. 




Consultant for Teckcominco for the San Nicolás project in Villa González Ortega Zac. The project was suspended due to low Zinc prices.

Consultant for National Gold for the Mulatos project, Son. Conducting negotiations with the Ejido Mulatos.

Consultant to the Secretary of Economic Development of the Government of Zacatecas

Consultant for the Director of Mining Development of the Government of Sinaloa Analyzing mining projects for different companies including Mauricio Hoschild of Peru in the Peñasquito project in Zacatecas.

With Minera de Nukay in Mezcala Gro. to develop a data room to provide the basis for negotiations for the objective of company sale. Negotiations were conducted with the different stakeholders in the acquisition of the project. They were successfully concluded, achieving a sale price of 94 million dollars to the company Wheaton River that developed the project now known as Los Filos Equinox Gold. 




As an official of Luismin S.A. de C.V. I actively participated in various international forums. I was a representative of Sanluis Corporation on the Conference Board of New York within the North American Council on the Environment. Luismin's representative at the International Council for Metals and the Environment in London, as a member of the Community Relations Committee. In both organizations, the Community Development projects that were designed for the Metates Project and for the Tayoltita Unit were presented, both based on Sustainable Development. Member of the Board of the Mining Chamber heading the Community Relations Committee. A meeting was held in 1999 with all the mining companies of the Chamber to analyse the problems of Community relations, having presented the conclusions of that meeting to the plenary of the Council.

During these years an intense research program was carried out to know the problems of world mining, there were countless meetings with top-level executives from various companies operating in different environments and countries. 




Luismin S.A. de C.V. as Director of Operations with responsibility for three mining operations producing 196,000 Oz au equivalent. With a combined grinding capacity of 700,000 tons in three plants, two countercurrent cyanidation and one flotation. during this time that SEMARNAT gave the Clean Industry certificate in all the company's operations. Likewise, a social development project was designed within the framework of the philosophy of Sustainable Development that in the long term will achieve a better relationship with neighboring communities. This project was presented at the AIMMGM Convention in Acapulco in 1999, with the title: Comunidad Minera Siglo XXI.

At this time also, the Board of Directors as part of its growth strategy approved exploring the likelihood of carrying out a merger with international companies. For this it was necessary to carry out a process of Due-diligence to the companies: Hecla Mining, Coeur d'Alene, Viceroy and Cambior. This meant visiting and reviewing in detail all the operations of the aforementioned companies covering not only the operational aspects but also the corporate, social and environmental aspects. The companies' mines are located in Alaska, Idaho, Nevada, Québec, Yukon, Guyana and Chile. This process lasted three months. Subsequently, the same companies carried out Due-Diligence of Luismin's operations and projects. 



Development Director of Luismin S.A. de C.V. This was a newly created position in the company, including the Environment, Engineering, Construction and Metallurgical Managements. The fundamental purpose was to provide technical 

support to the operations to carry out a process of rationalization and modernization of them.

Another of my responsibilities was to be Luismin's representative on the management committees of the Joint Ventures with the companies Cambior and Hecla. 

The projects were Metates in the Municipality of Santiago Papasquiaro Dgo. and El Porvenir in Asientos, Ags.

Metates is a project containing 25,000,000 ounces of au equivalent, with refractory Au problems that required a conceptual process using for metallurgy a sulfide biooxidation system to release Au. The project is still in force pending better prices, but its technology was fully developed. 

El Porvenir is a gold project with 600,000 Oz of gold equivalent, Heap-Leach's project awaiting better prices. All the engineering was carried out for a heap leach with the recovery in activated carbon. 



Operations Manager for Minera Mexicana de Avino S.A. de C.V. operation with an initial capacity of 750 TPD, open pit mine, flotation plant. The operation expanded to 1500 TPD. The process of switching to underground mine was designed successful in cost and time. 



As an independent entrepreneur in Pinos Zac. In an operation to produce 6,000 Ounces of Au and 100,000 Oz of Ag per year. 



General Manager of Minerales de Bolaños S.A. de C.V. The operation consisted of a group of old mines with a flotation plant with a capacity of 1,500 TPD located in the State of Jalisco. 



Director of Operations Minera Real de Ángeles S.A. de C.V. This operation was carried out in a deposit with 100 million ounces of silver, the investment required for the project was 200 million dollars the project was completed on time and within budget. The result was that in three months the operation reached its design capacity, 14,000 tons per day. 



Compañía Minera Autlán S.A. de C.V. I started as head of mine shift in 1968 and was promoted until I was appointed Unit Manager in 1976.

The operation consisted of two mines, one open pit and the other underground in both productivity records were achieved compared to similar mines. The metallurgical process was a calcination-nodulization of manganese carbonates with a capacity of 300,000 tons of finished product per year. The mining unit operated with high standards of quality and safety. 



Compañía Minera La Campaña S.A. de C.V. (Peñoles) Reforma mine, 6 months as mine supervisor and six months as supervisor of flotation mill in an operation of 500 tpd 

Marilena foto.jpg

Marilena Sidiropoulou  

Expert Partner -

Country Director Greece  

Thessaloniki - Greece 

P +30 694 696 9814


Marilena Sidiropoulou is an active lawyer in Greece since 2011. In addition, she holds a degree in Economics and a Master in Commercial and Business Law.

During her legal career, she handled various cases in civil, commercial, business, administrative, and criminal law. She also provided legal advisory and compliance services.

As a certified Data Protection Officer (DPO) Executive with extensive experience as a GDPR and privacy consultant she managed numerous GDPR compliance projects.

In recent years, she acquired professional certifications in the fields of internal audit, internal controls, and risk management (COSO IC, COSO ERM). 

She’s been successfully executed various national and international projects involving the implementation of internal control systems and provided comprehensive consulting services.

Combining her professional experience with her academic background, makes her and expert in compliance, processes, standards, transactions, contracts, documentation, risk management, and legal compliance for investments in natural resources.


Her skills equip her to offer valuable insights and effective solutions in complex legal cases and transactions for quarry and mining business worldwide.

Her Live partner is implemented the global stone industry network and has a detailed network of quarry/mine/pit owners within Greece, which makes it a perfect match.


Her Motivation to join Balke&Partners: 

What impresses and particularly appeals to me about Balke and Partners, beyond its experience and professional profile, is the way you distinguish and highlight numerous and diverse solutions according to the clients' needs. Your commitment to maximizing every opportunity in a methodical and organized manner, along with your extensive knowledge and specialization in industry products and their derivatives, creates an environment that, I believe, aligns perfectly with my professional background. This alignment will allow me to contribute to your initiatives and projects effectively.

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50678 Köln/Köln
  - T +49 221 168 18 990

F +49 221 9698 6567


08001 Barcelona - Spanien
  - Tel. +34 649 471 354


3500 Viseu/Portugal
  - Tel. +351 926 552 671


Edinburgh EH1 3EG -
  Tel. +44 7977 410827



3912 Porsgrunn / Oslo - Norwegen

Tel. +4795238877

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Suite 538 - 1231 Pacific Boulevard
  -  Vancouver BC V6Z 0E2 - Kanada
Tel. +1 604 365 4932    


Gold Coast - Queensland - Australien
Tel. +61 405 388 143

Anchal Plaza, Einheit Nr. 205, Grundstück Nr. 2,
Sektor B, Tasche 7, Vasant Kunj
  110070  INDIEN
Tel. +91 98103 19111

Hongkong 999077 - Central District
  +852 9327 0117


Wir  spreche Deutsch, Spanisch,  Französisch, Niederländisch, Belgien, Portugiesisch, Skandinavisch  und  Englisch 

Assoziierte Partner und Referenzen unserer Partner :

DMT-Gruppe - Geowissenschaften

im Dienste der Natur der Welt


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