QUARRIES : Pre/Feasibility studies - geological and mineralogy reports - assessments - mining technologies - finances 

B&P meet client needs in every stage of their project
Quarry/processing plant establishing - green grass root project 
  • Exploration

1.Area identification

2. Opportunity Study (technical and market)

3. Trenching, sampling, facing, drilling

4. Pre and/or Feasibility Study

5. Geo structural mapping

6. Detailed geological and structural – joint analysis

7. Preliminary Mining Plan


  • Exploration & Resources-Reserves evaluation and estimation - Mineral Standard Reporting to offer a valuable independent document to investors
  • Financial assumptions & analysis  

  1. Investment  costs - CAPEX

  2. Estimated sales and revenues

  3. Operational costs and expenses – OPEX (variable, fixed, interest and loan repayments, depreciation, working capital)

  4. Financial projections (profit & loss account, cash flow, balance sheet, return of   investment, sensitivity )

  5. Economic impact & benefits (foreign exchange effects, fiscal effects, value added,  linkages, employment and technology transfer

  6. Project oriented Investor search : 

    1. Services offered by banks ( loans)

    2. Angel Investors

    3. Peer-To-Peer Lending

    4. Venture Capitalists

    5. Personal Investors (own financial resources)

    6. Accelerator- Crowdfunding

  • Detailed market analysis (Int., regional  and local) and tests

    • Representative sampling, of final qualities and products

    • Specific target-country analysis

    • In depth, direct market tests: visiting potential customers, decision makers, etc.

    • General Market structure and trends of DS and in particular regarding the target product (

    • Competitors (countries and products)

    • Target markets for the target product

    • Trading and distribution channels

    • Analysis of the local socio-economic environment

    • General pricing analysis

  •  Country profile

    • Economic and general overview

    • Laws and regulations (custom, mining, investment, company, labor, import-export, environment, etc.)

    • Geology

    • Mining potential, with particular reference to the small mining

  • Extraction - Mining technologies and methods etc. 
  • Logistics -Infrastructure and transportation - internal und external 
  • Production –Value creation stages - advanced processing technology  etc.
  • Product development - Innovations - product design  etc
  • Marketing Strategy - Branding - high level and local exhibitions publication of papers on specialized magazines
  • Product sales - cross selling - strategic sales alliances etc.. 

Quarry/processing plant expansion
  • Finances- specific Investor search - succession plan - company sale etc. 

  • Optimizations : quarry - production - administration etc.
  • Product development - Innovations - product design  etc.
  • Strategic realignment and optimizations of sales  - strategic alliances etc.

B&P has the obligation of professional secrecy. This is why a signed confidentiality  agreement is mandatory at early stage of cooperation between B&P and clients.
Mining service - rent a professional quarrier - professional development of quarries and extraction of dimension stone 

“Our Know-How is your profit”


With our partner company we are able to offer quarry owner a very interesting possibility to start or continue their extraction operation profitable from the very beginning.  The idea is to turn quarry into calculable “Profitcenter”.


The package:

  • Metrological detection of your quarry and creation of detailed extraction plans

  • professional extraction in customer quarry with latest mining technology equipment 

  • Optional Know-How Transfer to quarry staff. 


Your benefits at a glance:

  • no additional costs for quarry plans and professional development consulting etc.

  • no staff costs  - no costs due to illness and holidays - no incidental wage costs  

  • no equipment costs - depending on operation at least 1.Mio USD  

  • no cost intensive maintenance costs of equipment 

  • no operating costs - fuel and lubricants etc.

  • clients get a detailed blocklist with dimensions, weight and photos. 

  • Competitive advantages : ability to immediately deliver raw blocks from block yard. 

  • Economical: reduced waste, since blocks can be selected according to product size requirements

  • Financial advantage :  value of the deposit can be calculated and balanced with the extraction and resource plans 

  • Financial advantage :  Blocks in block yard can be balanced immediately after extraction. 


Currently there are over 190 successful quarry operations in Europe, enjoying professional periodic quarry service.


We offer non-binding offers depending on rock, fracture system in quarry and local conditions.

Email for a non-binding offer:  info@expertquarry.services

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