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Material Innovations / Interior and Exterior  


pure white - high strength

 temperature resistant up to 600 degrees Celsius

Compressive strength 400Mpa

cut resistant

no water absorption


Wall covering 
Countertops for kitchens
furniture, light walls, floor covering for private and public areas, predestined for wet rooms and sterile rooms
interior and exterior 


Balke & Partner is innovative.  We love to see developments in different industries and think outside the box for product solutions in natural stone industry.
Quasar :
Quasar is a high-tech granite made from natural raw materials. A complex thermo-molecular process is used to create a stone with a stunning high-gloss, pure white surface and technical properties which open up entirely new dimensions.
Its compressive strength of over 400 MPa and its high resistance to acids and alkalis set new standards.
The exceptionally dense and rigid molecular structure of Quasar makes it extremely scratch-resistant and also impermeable to water, so soiling contaminants cannot penetrate beneath its surface.

In addition, unlike material from natural sources, this high-tech granite exhibits no measurable colour differences.

It has an uncompromisingly homogenous colouration. The specially developed, very thin boards with a thickness of six millimetres can be backlit to great effect. Quasar is non-combustible according to fire protection class A1.

Maximum size: 290 x 130 cm - Thickness available 1,2 / 1,8 / 3,0 cm
  • Surface finishes: pure white high gloss -  pure white matt ground -  pure white velvety
  • application wall covering for indoor and outdoor areas as well as trade fair construction, cabinetry and shopfitting.
  • Countertops for kitchens and furniture, light walls, floor covering for private and public areas, predestined for wet rooms and sterile rooms
  • A1 - non-combustible according to DIN EN 4102
  • Compressive strength an average beyond 390 N/mm²  (for comparison: the strength of granite is about 160-240 N/mm²)
  • Breaking load an average of 12.032 N according to DIN EN ISO 10545-4
  • Bending strength an average of 45,4 N/mm² according to DIN EN ISO 10545-4
  • Water absorption 0,02% mass according to DIN EN 10545-3
  • Stain resistance class V (at its best) according to DIN EN 10545-14
  • Resistance to acid and lye very high resistance - GHA (V) according to DIN EN ISO 10545-13
  • Heat resistance up to 600 degree Celsius
  • Hardness 7,0 mohs  (for comparison: the mohs-hardness of a diamond is 10)
  • Ecology use of naturally, minerally raw materials, 100% recyclable
  • Awards : red dot award product design 2013
Vinara :  
The premier choice of designers and architects, Vinara is an environmentally friendly product like none other.
Ease of fabrication and a sustainable, elegant design are just some of the characteristics that have made
Vinara a fabricator's dream.
With the goal of meeting the needs of its consumers, a team of engineers produced this beautiful new glass line from
99% recycled glass. This progressive innovation has made Vinara a leader in the solid surface industry.
The flexibility of Vinara allows for its application in kitchen countertops, bartops, tables, fireplace surroundings, floor tiles,
wall cladding, stairwells, columns, furniture tops, bathroom vanities, shower stalls, and tub surroundings.
There are a multitude of uses in the world of architecture and design.
  • Available in 12 Colors - uniform and bicolor designs - max. sizes up to 130/290cm -  Finishes - polished and leathered (matt)
  • Thickness  16mm, 20mm and 30mm - characteristics of a natural stone - Specific weight ca. 2,6 g/cm³
  • Compressive strength an average of 174 MPa  -  Bending strength 25,1 MPa
  • Water absorption 0,02 % absorption rate -  Resistance to acid and lye high resistance 
  • Hardness 5,0 mohs  -  Ecology 99 % recycling-glas - use of harmful binder such as resin etc. 
Thin stone technology :
Our innovative Parterns and we believe in material combinations up to Panel sizes of 300/220cm .
There are exiting products for special applications required:
  •  2/3 or 5mm Naturalstone top layer plus Fiberglass/Carbon reinforcement and lightweight concrete base A1
              in total thicknesses of 3cm or 4cm and 23kg/qm weight only - frost resistant and B2  
  •  Naturalstone veneer 2-5mm doubled with fiberglass reinformenent =10mm thickness - 30kg/qm - frost resistant and B2
  •  Stone and backlighted Panel 5mm plus special glas fibre, to make panel translucent for interior and exterior use. Flooring and wallcladding applications - 15kg/qm only
This is just a tiny little fraction of possibilities of materials and their combination Natural stone, Glass ESG/VSG, Glas fibre, Glass foam, light weight concrete, alucobond and Carbon fibre carrier material.
Light transmitting concrete is a homogeneous building material made with fine grained concrete and optical fibers. Light is transmitted from one side of the concrete panel to the other side. Interior & Exterior 
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