"If you always do what you always did,

you always get what you always got."  

International and worldwide services with multilingual experts 

We speak German - Dutch - French - and English 

The fascination and passion of natural stones define Markus W. Balke's engagement as the founder of several stone companies around the world and as the C.E.O of professional Balke and Partner Network.

His CV is a reflection of top-class competence and experiences in natural stone business, available as consulting potential for clients in all sectors of their natural stone business.
Around 100 Experts worldwide are part of the  B&P Network contributing their expertise to clients success.
International Experts in fields of Geology, Mineralogy, Mining, Marketing, Sales, Product development, Finance and Investment, united under one roof collaborating on a project level, share their expert experience with our clients.
  • Quarry    
    • Feasibility or prefeasibility studies
    • Exploration, geological and mineralogy reports, quarry license and local permissions, quarry technology equipment etc...

  • Finances -  Business plan financial planning, forecasts to access services offered by banks or investors.
  • Corporation development - How to grow and expand business 
  • Inheritance and succession regulations
    •  Business expansions, company sales etc.
  • Production  
    • strategic planning - value creation stages - machine technology etc.
  • Sales and marketing - strategic alliances - key distributors/wholesaler national and international - Cross-selling etc.
  • Product development and innovations - application of rocks - Thin stone technology -  etc.
B&P has subsidiaries and branches in Europa, America, Australia, and Asia and works "lean" and without large administrative burden. 
For every mandate and project, we set up a team, depending on the assignment that works perfectly together to achieve the defined goals.
Maturity and wealth of experiences of every M&B Expert guarantee our success of all operations worldwide.
B&P is flexible, reliable, powerful, high efficient and cost effective.
Balke&Partner serves:

Quarries and Productions


Architects - Constructors

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DMT Group - Geosciences

serving the world's natural

ressources sector 

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